OBRA TUMI FITNESS FOR HEALTH Exercise Class – to improve, restore and promote mental and physical health, longevity, fitness and to develop innate potentials. 

SHARING - passing on information to others about resources, education, health and mentoring. Village news is disseminated through our elders group.

COMPUTER CLASSES - internet surfing, Microsoft Office basics.

ART CLASSES - creative expressions.

FOOD PREPARATION AND NUTRITION CLASSES - healthy food preparation and guest speakers.

LUNCH - wholesome healthy meal - veggie burgers, spinach salad, veggie spaghetti, plantains, raw foods etc. 

GARDENING CLASSES - planting herbs and vegetables at the Alabama garden.

MENTORING YOUNG PEOPLE - S.H.A.P.E.'s After School Enrichment and Summer Enrichment Programs youth.

OUTINGS - Library, African Art Galleries, Buffalo Soldiers Museum, Sunfired Health Foods, Ensemble Theatre, Arizona Eden, Community Involvement  Protests and/or Demonstrations and City Council Meetings.

SPEAKER ONCE A MONTH - special luncheon

ELDER OF THE MONTH AWARD - attendance, participation and sharing.