SHAPE's Executive Members


Executive Staff

Deloyd T. Parker Jr - Executive Director

Earl O. Fisher - Executive Financial Officer

Edith Selgary - Community Service Coordinator

Michael Diggles - Building Support Services

Shondra Muhammad- Executive Administrator

Board of Directors

Nedzra Johnson Ward, President

Ifueko Omorogbe, Vice President

Debbie White, Secretary

Sheldon Sparks, Treasurer

Anthony Collier, Member

Deloyd T. Parker, Jr., Co-Founder (Non-Voting)

Advisory Board Members

Dr. Matthew Crump- Strategic Planning and Development; Financial Analysis

Maia Shelby- Strategic Planning and Grant Writing

Dr. Della Bell - Grant Writing and Procurement

Gayle Waden- Grant Writing

Attorney Fred Reynolds- Legal Documents and Contracts

Elder Jewel Brown- Individual Financial Resources

Harambee Council of Elders     

Elder Lillie Starks- Chairperson

Elder Scott- Assistant Chairperson       

Elder Phyllis Washington- Secretary

Elder Blanche Brown- Reporter

Elder Hayward Talib- Historian

SHAPE's Board of Directors